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Shower Door Installations

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Shower Door Installations

Shower Planet offers a range of innovative framed and frameless shower solutions for a unique bathroom experience. Shower Planet can design, manufacture and install your dream custom shower, be it a walk-in or a frameless shower enclosure offer a charming look and feel. 

We specialise in premium quality prefabricated and custom made frameless shower doors, semi-frameless showers and framed showers, bathtub enclosures, bathroom doors, glass panels and balustrades. All our products comply with the Standards set that the South African 

Frameless Shower Door Installations

Shower Planet’s Frameless Showers are Custom-Made to suit your unique dimensions and are manufactured using 8mm and or 10mm toughened safety glass. Our frameless showers provide the perfect combination of precision engineering and stylish design.

Framed Shower Door Installations

Our framed showers offer a perfect bespoke showering combination for even the most demanding design. There is a variety of framed finishes and 4mm toughened safety glass that offer functional integrity. All parts are manufactured locally and replacement parts are easily available.

Other Services:
Custom Cut Bathroom Mirrors

Custom Cut Mirrors

We offer 4mm and 5mm mirrors, we can bevel the mirrors with a 25mm or 32mm bevel. Alternately we can supply mirrors with a straight line polish. If the mirrors are processed on the C&C machine we can cut the mirrors into shapes with or without brilliant cut designs.

Shower Door Installations

Office & Bathroom Partitioning

Glass partitioning opens up areas to allow light and air to be used to great effect. A variety of designs, including sliding doors, may be used to subdivide rooms, in your home, retail, or office areas. Optional finishes such as sandblasting can provide privacy and when combined with clear glass creates stunning effects.
Options are limitless.

Custom Shower Doors

Custom-Made Glass

Our installation teams have years of experience, they have the ability to solve problems as well as complete all installations to the highest standards. Our team are able to create custom-made glass cabinets on request. They have instilled in themselves a sense of pride as well a courteous attitude to every job.

From framed showers to frame-less enclosures, Shower Planet has the facility to toughen and process its own glass. This makes Shower Planet both competitively priced and able to shorten the design, manufacture, and installation time.

At Shower Planet, we strive to supply a comprehensive service that includes shower design through to a world-class customised installation.

We have all relevant safety filesles and compliance certificates for PPE needed for large-scale development projects.

Quality shower frames in Johannesburg and Pretoria

Call us today for the best frameless shower glass door products and installation. Our expert staff will provide assistance and guidance on the best bathroom fixtures and décor that will fit your bathroom’s budget and existing surroundings.

A great range of frameless and framed custom shower doors

To meet your needs, Shower Planet provides a wide range of bespoke frameless or framed glass shower door types and styles. A stunning, useful bathroom is not only a place for indulgence and relaxation, but it also serves as a talking point when it comes time to sell your house.

Our range of frameless and framed shower doors include:

  • Fully framed pivots door systems
  • Traditional tri-door sliders
  • Both the above types now use laminated safety glass

All frames are available in a variety of styles, making them ideal for your home.

Shower Planet Custom Shower Doors

Shower Planet offers custom shower glass door installations across Gauteng, to ensure you achieve a truly unique style.

Quality, Professional Shower Doors

Frameless Shower Doors
ShowerPlanet Guarantee

12-Month Guarantee

With all our shower installations we offer a 12-Month Guarantee on hardware (not including glass) and installation. The guarantee is a declaration of the after-sales performance of a product or service. It states that we have issued a promise concerning the quality and performance of the product and in case, the promise is not fulfilled then we will replace or repair the product.